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Wellard Rural Exports

Wellard Rural Exports is both Australia’s and the world’s leading livestock exporter.

Every year Wellard transports almost a million sheep and cattle on its ships to destinations around the globe. The animals are transported with care on board Wellard’s shipping fleet – a large, technologically advanced livestock fleet carefully designed and constructed by Wellard to optimise animal welfare conditions on board.

The company’s investment in shipping and livestock preparation is unrivalled.

Our customers have confidence in our ability to procure only the best product through a rigorous selection process and vertically integrated supply chain.

Our skilled buyers, feedlot staff and veterinarians ensure animals meet strict domestic and international standards for quality, health and animal welfare before being accepted for the overseas market.

Pre-export preparation facilities located around Australia ensure the sheep and cattle are fit, healthy and certified free of illness before they are exported.

Stockmen and stockwomen, a trained and committed on-board crew and, on occasions, an accredited veterinarian accompany each voyage to provide optimal care on-board each vessel for the duration of the voyage.

Wellard’s in-country representatives throughout the globe provide a welcome level of support to importing clients to ensure they continue to be satisfied with the quality of livestock they are supplied by Wellard.

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